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HAJI – the summer solstice.

The day when the solar altitude is at its highest and the daytime is the longest, and farmers toil ever harder in preparation of a big harvest to come.

With profound experience and expertise in planning and managing exhibitions, performances, and events, HAJI has built a robust network throughout its history as a major player in the market.

We aim to deliver cultural experience that is meaningful to each and every participant, by perfecting ambitious projects with sincere effort and building trust along the process. 

Corporate Name


Business Area

Planning and management of exhibitions, events, etc.


Younsil June Kim

Date of Incorporation

December 10, 2021

Business Highlights


Edward Hopper: From City to Coast, at Seosomun Main Branch, Seoul Museum of Art

Love in Paradise: Banksy & Keith Haring, at Paradise Art Space

Korea Artist Prize 2023, at MMCA Seoul – direction and management of the opening ceremony

2023 YouTube Works AWARDS KOREA – production and direction

Trans-Pacific Dialogue 2023, at Salamader Resort, VA – planning and management


5th Public Diplomacy Week, at Art Hall 1, DDP – planning and management of ‘Exploring career opportunities in public diplomacy’ programs

I am Lee Eun-Sook, at Lee Hoe-Yeong Memorial Hall, Namsan Yejang Park

The 10th Anniversary of Korea Art Prize, at MMCA Seoul – production and direction of the event

2022 SOMA Public Art Project, at SOMA

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